FUE - Robotic System "Fully Automated Hair Transplantation Robotic System"
FUE - Robotic System Project is Funded by the European Union
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HAIR TREATMENT SET for After Hair Transplantation
HAIR CARE PRODUCTS for Transplanted Hair

KOLLESTEE Medical is a Global and Innovative Company providing Hi-Tech Medical Solutions by applying Science and Technology with all Global Resources to
improve health and well-being at every stage of life.

KOLLESTEE Medical has very deep experience in Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Surgery Procedures. Hi-Tech and Precision Robotic Solutions have being developed
with globally gained deep experience.

KOLLESTEE Medical focuses to provide Innovative, Sustainable, Effective and Affordable Health Care, Personal Care (Hair Care, Eye Care, Skin Care, etc.),
Baby Care, Beauty Products and Medicines to the people who need Exactly Right Solutions.


The Best "New FUE-Method" in Hair Transplantation

The Most Perfect Application in FUE METHOD

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The Best PRODUCTS for After Hair Transplantation

Hair Treatment & Care Products for Transplanted Hair

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ONLINE Booking & Payment System and ONLINE STORE

Online Booking & Payment in Hair Restoration

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Robotic System is Funded by the European Union

FUE - Robotic System - Fully Automated Hair Transplantation Robotic System

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Hair Transplantation with Deep Experience!..

Scalp & Hair Treatment and Hair Care are the Most Important Processes After A Successful Hair Transplantation Procedure..

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