AI-Assisted FUE - Robotic System "Fully Automated Hair Transplantation Robotic System"
AI-Assisted FUE - Robotic System Project is Funded by the European Commission
FINALIST Certificate for "AI-Assisted FUE - Robotic System"
European Robotics Forum 2020 AWARDS, Malaga, Spain
SEAL of EXCELLENCEs to AI-Assisted FUE - Robotic System
European Commission - HORIZON 2020 and HORIZON Europe
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HAIR TREATMENT SET for After Hair Transplantation
HAIR CARE PRODUCTS for Transplanted Hair

Kollestee Medical is a Global and Innovative Company providing Hi-Tech Medical Solutions by applying Science and Technology
with all Global Resources
to improve Health and Well-Being at Every Stage of Life.

Kollestee Medical has very deep experience in Artificial Intelligence, 3D Image Processing, Machine Learning, Software Development and
Robotic System Development. Hi-Tech and Precision Surgery Robotic Solutions have being developed with Globally gained Deep Experience.

Kollestee Medical has been developing the "AI-Assisted Fully Automated Hair Transplantation Robotic System"
which is a Hi-Tech and Precision Robotic Solution to perform All Process Steps of the FUE Method Hair Transplantation Surgery Procedures.


The Best "New FUE-Method" in Hair Transplantation

The Most Perfect Application in FUE METHOD

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The Best PRODUCTS for After Hair Transplantation

Hair Treatment & Care Products for Transplanted Hair

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ONLINE Booking & Payment System and ONLINE STORE

Online Booking & Payment in Hair Restoration

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Robotic System is Funded by the European Union

AI-Assisted FUE-Robotic System (Fully Automated)

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Hair Transplantation with Deep Experience!..

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Fully Automated Robotic System for All Process Steps of the Hair Transplantation Surgery Procedures..

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